5 DIY’s For Cat Lovers


Good afternoon, all! I woke up this morning (okay, fine, actually a little past Noon) to my 3 month old kitten curled up in my arms. My heart is completely melted, so I will be dedicating a post to them – as well as sharing some DIY’s that I have found to make the cat owners’ life a little bit easier.

We adopted Baxter (bottom photo) during out road trip back from LA. I spent most of the trip stalking Craigslist in different cities, until we got a response from someone in Jackson, Mississippi, giving away a free 6 week old kitten. We took a slight detour and picked our little guy up! He is the most lovable, cuddly, mischievous kitty. But after a few months, we noticed that he was a little lonely. I got in touch with an old friend, who happens to run an adoption service for stray cats found throughout Louisville. She was who helped me find and adopt Frankie, my Siamese cat (RIP). She referred me to a cat up for adoption in Pet Smart, and was able to wave the fees for us! Within days, we made the trip down and adopted Bette (7-8 months old). We had a lot of trouble with her at first; she did not like us touching her, she HATED Baxter, and was constantly under the bed. It took about a week for her to come around, but now her and Baxter are the perfect partners and crime, and she will crawl into bed with us at night. We have so much love for our little babies, and plan on taking them with us to Tonga.

Upon further research, we have discovered that pets are not allowed flights with connections in Sydney, AU. We are very saddened with this change of plans and would love to hear some feedback on how to properly get our pets to our new home. We would switch airlines or connection locations, but we have a special discount worked out with a friend affiliated with United Air, so we cannot change our connection flight location. Let us know of possible solutions in the comments below!

That sad note aside, let the cat talk begin!

W A L L  S C R A T C H 

Itch Cat Scratch Pad by Square Cat Habitat- Functional, out of the way, and even decorative!:

Source: Apartment Therapy

Let’s be real for a second – 99% of the cat scratches available are HIDEOUS. They take up a lot of floor space, and are essentially just towers of dated carpet, not to mention that they collect to much dust/cat hair/etc. ick. This is a sleek, modern solution, especially with limited floor space. The link attached isn’t a DIY, but this is very simple to make.

C A T  H A M M O C K

22 Cat Hammocks Giving Great Inspirations for DIY Pet Furniture Design:

Source: Lushome

How adorable is this? An easy DIY, and able to hang from the ceiling, a few posts, a couple trees – you name it! A nice and leisure way for your cat to ‘hang out’!

S P H E R E  B E D

Wire Nest - A handcrafted architectural sphere is perfect for even the most discerning cat. 10 Homemade Cat Beds Too Cute to Resist:

Source: Good Housekeeping

On the topic of modern design – I don’t think it could get much better for this! This could be made from many materials, such as basket-weaving wood product, wire, etc. The best part? It’s open, so you can watch as your cat cozies up in their new bed.

K I T T Y  S H E L V E S

Unique Cat Furniture Ideas diy-crafty-aspirations @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby Taber:

Source: Rocket News 24

We’ve all seen the cat shelves floating around on the web – but this one is more up my alley. So many aspects of this are ideal, such as the light wood, floating shelves, and a good way to take up some wall space! Transform your cat from a bush dweller to a tree dweller.

O U T D O O R  L I T T E R B O X

How to build a simple, DIY, outdoor cat litter box that I like to call "The Zen Garden":

Source: The Chilly Dog

In Tonga, we plan to have most of our living space be outdoors – this includes the cats’ space as well. What better way to keep the area clean than building a little cat area, that included this awesome outdoor litter box idea!? We’d give it our flair and dress it up with some modern, clean lines and surround it with cat grass/tropical bushes, but this is a fantastic concept. You can even go as far as making your own eco-friendly litter! Everyone wins.

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

In light of the current no-fly situation we are facing with our cats, we are trying to find alternate ways to move them to Tonga. We may take a slight delay and wait until our house is built to have them sent, possibly through a direct flight from LAX to Vava’u. We are hesitant on shipping methods, but will do more research to see which is the best option. Paradise isn’t complete without our two puuuuuurfect companions by our side.

E N D         ∇


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