9 Indoor Furniture DIY’s For Artists


Source: elledecor.com

Good evening, everyone! Another night, another Pinterest surf. Hey, you gotta love a girl with resources. The topic we will be discussing: DIY furniture for indoors. Due to shipping costs and high import taxes, we will have to limit what all we ship over while making the move. I have heard a few mention to ‘keep it simple’ in terms of design and the build, expecting pieces this tasteful are challenging and complex. This does not mean that we have to sacrifice our taste and creativity, but rather it gives us an opportunity to use our imaginations and the materials available to us. We choose not to view this slight disadvantage as a negative; it is one of the smaller aspects to wanting to live a simpler life in a more remote location. We view this as a chance to completely personalize our space, and prove that you can ultimately live a sustainable life if you truly invest yourself into your homestead. But this post isn’t exclusive to those hitting reset – if you have a tight budget, are having trouble finding the right furniture, or are looking to get handier around the home, look at the easy-to-build pieces shown and described below. No matter the cause, these are simple solutions to those whom crave a modern, designer-friendly appeal with little cost and difficulty.

H A M M O C K  C H A I R

GENIUS!!! This DIY hammock chair is such a fun, easy, and inexpensive addition to any room in need of a little extra relaxation! |Petite Modern Life for Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

Source: Designer Trapped

A fun project to start with: a DIY hammock chair! This is a perfect addition for those looking to switch up seating in their living spaces.  You have a multitude of ways to get creative with this one, including the fabric of the chair, the internal material of the cushion (memory foam pad, pillow stuffing, straw, etc.), and the decorative item used to make it personal (wood plank shown above or other chosen item).

A B S T R A C T  P L Y W O O D  C H A I R

Source: Mondo Blogo

This isn’t a DIY per say, but with a quick look at the design and a few pieces of plywood (as well as a few screws and a cordless drill), and anyone could build this piece. I would choose to leave the light wood shade, but there is always an option to stain or paint. The beauty of these projects: the ultimate decision is yours!

G E O M E T R I C  S T A N D I N G  S H E L F

Source: Ana White

Am I that predictable? Light wood, my weakness! Here, we have a simple plywood shelf with a geometric flair. A simple build, and the only tools required are a cordless saw, plywood, a cordless drill, and a few dozen screws. Paint or stain per your discretion.

F L A T  P A C K  T A B L E

Source: Inhabitat

One of the simplest table designs on the internet – follow the quick step-by-step photos to create this modern look. “The idea behind this genious piece of green design is to create a table that needs less space, hand labour and assembly time by using only one material and a simple assembly process.” -Amsterdam-based Designer Andreas Kowalewski

C O N C R E T E  S T O O L


Source: Remodelista

A designer-friendly stool for only $5? According to this DIY, you can have it all (without breaking the bank). This stool would be a low-cost, yet tasteful addition to a kitchen/bar.

M O D E R N  C O U C H 

A Modern Daybed Sofa, Hand-Dyed Shibori Included:

Source: Remodelista

This is another example of a design that would be an easy DIY – a plywood sofa with homemade Shibori cushions. Bonus: one of the designers’ names is Rebecca Atwood (what a coincidence). Ode to my designer soul, these pillows are bringing me back to 8th grade art class.

P I P E  C L O T H I N G  R A C K

Source: Fast Co. Design

With only a few plumbing materials, this clothing rack can be built with little effort. This gives your closet space a slight edge, while providing an open concept to clothing storage. Don’t forget simple DIYs for wooden or wire hangers and abstract shoe racks!

P L A T F O R M  B E D

10 Platform Beds – a modern and flexible solution in the bedroom:

Source: Homedit

A DIY platform bed? Yes, please. I love the addition of extra storage space, but a floating bed concept would be a great choice as well. The headboard is simple and sleek, and the light wood finish is the perfect natural look.

G E O M E T R I C  D E S K

27 Contemporary Plywood Furniture Designs

Source: Architecture Art Designs

One last plywood masterpiece: the geometric desk (or table). For a cheaper, more natural look, use plywood as the only material. If going for a more modern appeal, use plexi/acrylic glass to place as the top surface. This is a little more challenging for those new to a saw, but this can be easily avoided by using scrap 12″ wood pieces instead of custom cuts.

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

The possibilities are endless with furniture DIYs – they come in all designs, mediums, and colors. You have the creative control, and with the will power of taking the building matters into your own hands, you can create a space that is entirely customized. Let’s face it: would you rather have a second-hand couch for $75, or spend a little less to create the couch of your preference? Whether your battling international shipping/importing costs, living in an empty apartment, or catching the renovation bug, building your own furniture is a cost-effective way to gain creative control over your living space. Coming soon: DIY furniture for the outdoors!

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