Good evening – I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, and season’s greetings! I haven’t been posting as frequently as I had hoped over the last week, but there is a good reason for that. I have been doing A LOT of research pertaining to the topics of blog monetizing, different marketing techniques, and domain/hosting sites. After many hours of searching online, countless emails to veteran bloggers, and about 6 eBooks, I finally finally started the process in taking my blog to the next level. Without further adieu, it is time for the big announcement:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now officially operating under WWW.ESCAPETOVAVAU.COM!!! This will open so many doors for us, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Quick PSA: my ultimate goal is NOT to make money from this blog, although it would really be a beneficial addition to the savings fund for the move. The purpose of this blog is to inspire those wanting an off-the-grid lifestyle/seeking paradise, and to provide the ultimate hub of information for expats, homesteaders, free spirits, tourists, etc. I plan to achieve this by providing readers with up-to-date information regarding preparations, helpful tips, DIY’s, moving and building progress, reviews, and inspirations. There will be many outlets that we can follow if successful, such as boosting tourism to Vava’u & the rest of Tonga, providing information/inspiration for those wanting to make the move, writing eBooks (topics such as off-the-grid living, living on a homestead, being self-sufficient, gardening, home design, eco-building, etc.), promoting special deals through affiliate marketing (that benefit YOU), gaining an audience for travel publications and freelance work, and many more – the opportunities are endless.

Escape to Vava’u will be a progression over time, stages if you will – right now, we are in the first stage: The Preparation. This is the slightly naive, ‘begging for advice and knowledge’ stage of the blog. Right now, most of the posts will revolve around planning, such as home DIY’s, off-the-grid basics, international moving information, personal progression, etc. We are limited to what can be discussed, due to the fact that we are not yet in Vava’u. This leads us to stage two: The Move. Included within this stage will be a lot of finalization, tips on international moving, travel vlogging, tourism information, the details of the first few weeks in the new location, finding property, making connections, and so forth. The excitement (and the traffic, hopefully) will increase in this stage, if everything goes according to plan. This takes us to stage three: The Build. By this time, the blog will have a good amount of content that I will more precisely organize within categories and pages. We will be including progression vlogs, building tips and tricks, eco-building topics, original DIY’s for furniture and home decor, gardening, the first stages of sustainability, more information on the islands and exploration, etc. What an exciting time this will be for us! The final stage is stage four: The Residency. In this stage, we will be settled completely – the building will be finished, our garden will be producing food, and self-sustainability will be achieved. From here, we can shift our gears to start to work on some of those future goals listed above; we will also be focusing more on the promotion of Tonga tourism, island profiles, business spotlights, and more.

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

The purchase of the domain for this blog is just the beginning step – I have many plans to make this blog great, and to make this move a success. The excitement is equivalent of a little girl on Christmas morning; luckily my holiday arrived a week early. Look out for more great content, soon to come! We thank you for your support, and are hastily awaiting the future.

E N D            ∇

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