How To Make Extra Money On Your iPhone


Good evening, everyone! A little update before we get to the topic of today: I have been working on our Vava’u home designs, using an online designer called Home Styler (click on the link to view the progress). I will feature the result in a post once completed. Also, Darien and I were laid off from Amazon, due to our jobs being temporary positions until the 24th of December. Our savings has been established, and we are both currently looking for new jobs. Unfortunately, getting a new job is hardly ever immediate (or convenient). How do you make up for lost income during the transition? We have all seen the horrid advertisements/scams of the internet clouding our content with “Make 1,000 dollars an hour at home..!” and other empty offers – fake, right? Most of the time, absolutely. But if you do the right research and read the right blogs, you will find many legit opportunities to make money online. Disclaimer: you will not make a million dollars, but you have the potential of earning some serious side cash to boost that savings or pay off a few bills.

B E S T  S I D E  H U S T L E S

Today, we will be discussing several ways that I have earned money through iPhone apps. All opinions expressed are my own, genuine thoughts and I am not being paid to represent any of the companies/apps listed below. That being said, I will be discussing a few different apps and will provide the pros and cons of each, as well as my overall experience with them. Every app is FREE, and will never ask you for money.

  1. iBotta. Starting out with my favorite receipt app – this beauty is a money-saver. A frequent grocery shopper? They have rebates from all of my local stores, such as Walmart, Jay-C, and even Dollar Tree. With a little mental math and pre-planning, you have the potential to save a nice percentage off of your receipt. Simply unlock the rebates included on your receipt, and snap a picture – my personal savings averages a $12.50 per $100 purchase. Not too shabby, but make sure to include as many rebate items in your grocery list as you can to receive maximum cash back! It has also given me a reason to micro-organize every receipt – use referral code: rvthcwu!
  2. EasyShift. This app gives me an excuse to take a drive – seriously! At first, I was hesitant to share this app with you all, due to the fact that readers close to me would be considered competition for the limited amount of jobs in our rural area. But this is such a handy, and legitimate app, it would be cruel not to include it in the list. Essentially, there is a map with your location and many green pins surrounding your area (hopefully). These green pins are gigs, usually in grocery/convenience stores. Earn anywhere from $4.00-$20.00 per task – simply reserve the gig and complete before 24 hours has passed. So far, I have completed two tasks: $18.00 at Dollar General taking photos of stock (approx. 45 minutes), and $5 at Jay-C documenting different beers on display (approx. 15 minutes). I have a couple that I will be completing tomorrow, resulting in a $37 total earnings for the day.
  3. Fiverr. $5 for any task – a great way to get creative and discover talents that can be used for profit! I haven’t made money on this site yet, but I am still in the beginning stages and have many tweaks to adjust before going all-out. I plan to offer custom Planner/Life Binder pages, Chakra balancing, and Cuisine Coaching. Fiverr does take a small percentage, but you can make up with this by adding extra gigs worth up to $25 a piece. Talk about an up-sell!
  4. Inbox Dollars. Surveys sites are lame, I get it. But a $5 sign up bonus? It’s definitely worth a try. It’s almost impossible for me to be approved for a survey, so earnings for me have been slow and few. I have used this in the past and was slightly more successful when living in Los Angeles. There are many factors that go into qualification, so answer honestly to improve your chances of being selected.
  5. Receipt Hog. Any receipt from a grocery, clothing store, department store, fast food, etc. You name it, they’ll accept it. There is a limit of 20 receipts per week, and there is a points system per $$ spent on each receipt. Receipts can be no older than 2 weeks – use referral code: mosp3868.
  6. Checkout 51 & Snap by Groupon are two great receipt apps, but the savings has been far more selective and lesser value. They are more particular items, mostly organic snacks, juices, dog food, and weird oils. Still worth the download, because items recycle/change often.
  7. Mobee (referral code: WZMC), Gigwalk, & Field Agent are good task sites, but have less options for me in my rural area. There are many gigs in nearby cities like Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, but that would require some travel on my end. $3-$35 per task.

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

There are so many resources to help you earn a little bit extra per month – get out there and start saving! There will be additions and updates made to this list as I go, so this post will be continually up to date as more traffic comes through. As of right now, I am researching how to earn money through Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Google +, and WordPress. Any advice or testimonials? Comment below!

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