8 Decor DIY’s for the Organic Modernist

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Good evening, everyone! I’m waiting on the snow like I’m waiting on Frank Ocean – if both would randomly show up, that’d be great. Until then, I’m going to continue to drown in quilts and further plan for my future in paradise. It’s 2016, and the move is getting closer by the day. There is still SO MUCH to do, and the planning is never-ending! I am obsessed with organic, natural, and neutral designs; below are a few great examples of items that I plan on making for the future home. Enjoy!

T W I G  H A N G E R S


Source: Flickr

This is a great solution to smaller issues, such as a supply of hangers in an remote island. Yes, you could ship plastic/wire hangers, but those are essentially irreplaceable in a place off the radar. Hooks will be sent because they have many uses. Why not use Mother Nature’s resources to save a little money?

S U C C U L E N T  F R A M E

DIY Succulent Frame:

Source: Rue Mag

OBSESSED. Goal: have as many plants as capacity allows! While in LA, I gained a deep love for cacti and succulents, and I definitely plan on utilizing many different species in Tonga (already have a variety pack of 100 seeds prepared, hehe). This is a simple DIY, using wood, soil, wire mesh, and seeds. I have about 25 matte square prints that I want to frame using this method – can’t WAIT.

B E R L I N  L O U N G E  C H A I R


Source: Rhteen

What a modern, plushy chair – a must have. You can make a simple pattern for the material, and pick a filling of choice. I would definitely pick a shade of white, and a fun texture will be considered based on shipping.

X- S H A P E  M A G A Z I N E  H O L D E R

DIY Wooden Magazine Holder:

Source: Passion Shake

I love this simple design for storage that is aesthetically pleasing as well! The light wood is ideal, and this can be used for magazines, records, etc. Definitely utilizing this in the future home.

C E N T E R  P I V O T  D O O R S

23 Amazingly Simple And Useful DIY Ideas:

Source: Architecture Art Designs

I love this style of door, and I am extremely excited to discover that this is an easy DIY! The hardest part will be selecting the type of glass and shipping – also definitely using wood. I will be utilizing the pivot design instead of the sliding/gliding designs out there, due to budget and lack of door building experience.

G L A S S  P L A N T  C A S E S

TERRA テラ 小さい箱だけど可能性は無限大:

Source: This link requires a password that I do not have; originally found this on Pinterest

This is slightly bougie, but can be made as a modern alternative to aqua planters. If I could ship a multitude of strong/inexpensive glass in perfect sizes, I would make this in a heart beat. I love the eco feel of seeing roots of plants and using water as an alternative growing medium. How futuristic?

U P S I D E  D O W N  C H A N D E L I E R


Source: One Kind Design

This is a fantastic example of organic design, and a cheap way to make a dazzling lighting fixture. All you need are air plants, planters of choice, ivy, solar/battery LED lights (stick-on or string), and wire/rope/string for the reinforcements! Get creative with the design –

P L Y W O O D   F L O O R  M I R R O R

DIY: plywood floor mirror:

Source: The Merry Thought

Such a beautiful design example; not only the mirror, but also the entire room shown to us. It boasts a beautiful white floor and a plywood-esque raised bed – two of my favorites! I see this blogger (link above) as a design role model in a sense, and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. This mirror is a simple DIY, requiring little material but can be altered to taste.

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

Some of you may think that these designs are slightly too bougie, or too difficult to do on your own. But with simple building skills, a few cheap materials, and a plan, any/all of these can be achieved! A small budget doesn’t require that you have to sacrifice taste, you just have to get creative!

E N D       ∇


2 thoughts on “8 Decor DIY’s for the Organic Modernist

  1. I think you have found some really cool stuff. I like the pivot doors too, I think it would be fun for an office environment. Everyone could leave by a different door.


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