The Simple Truth About Eco-Dyeing + Instagram Favs

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Good evening, everyone! It’s Super Bowl Sunday (ha), and I clearly give a damn…(I don’t). Okay, I’m a little sassier today than usual.

Believe it or not, I originally went to college for Fashion Design & Merchandising. Life events lead to me not reaching four years, but I did manage to finish two. I have always had a passion for making clothes, having a unique fashion sense, and being able to create original fashions.

These plans that I have, and the path that I have chosen would not be what I would have picked a few years ago. At that time, I wanted to work in a large city and get my spotlight within the fashion industry; after my time living in LA, I discovered the flaws of this plan and quickly scrapped it and started over (in nature).

My misfortune with the fashion industry has not soured my love for making clothes. In fact, I believe that I have been able to break out and take new steps that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. My designs are more in-depth now and promote reuse and sustainability, while still exhibiting a futuristic edge. But this is all I will share for now (big surprises ahead!) –

This brings us to our topic for today: Eco Dying!

Eco dying is an ancient technique of both making dyes from organic material as well as printing leaves and flowers to fabric itself. It was the essential way to color/pattern clothing until the 19th century, otherwise known as the time that synthetic dyes were introduced. This in turned basically made natural dyes useless, that is until they began to discover the disadvantages of synthetic dyes.

Today, many people are turning to making their own clothing from scratch. They use many techniques, such as solar/jar dying, plant wrapping/rolling, organic dye batches, and leaf/flower pounding. We will be discussing each topic below, providing great links to DIY’s, instructions, and inspirations. Enjoy!

L E A F / F L O W E R  P O U N D I N G

how to pound flowers, crafts, flowers, how to
Photo source: Home Talk

Things needed: a hammer, plastic wrap, a wooden cutting board, a white cloth made of protein-based fibers, and fresh flowers/leaves. That’s it!

The instructions are pretty simple: place fabric on the cutting board, then lay the plants in whatever pattern desired on fabric, place plastic over the design, and hammer away! For extra hold, iron after dried. Click on the link in the photo credits for a step-by-step breakdown. More sources: Positively Splendid | Craft Sanity | Saidosdaconcha on Blogspot | Garden Therapy

O R G A N I C  D Y E  B A T C H E S

PHOTO by Hub Pages

Let’s face it: organic dyes just make you feel better. It’s a plus and a step towards sustainability, with a difficult level of 1.

All you need for this one is a bucket, water, a white piece of fabric, and plants! Need to know which color each plant would give? Colors depend on the season that the plants are picked, as well as the many factors before picking (soil, sunlight, location, etc.) can effect the color variety. For six basic colors to start with, click here.

P L A N T  W R A P / R O L L

eco dyeing 1
PHOTO by Frankie

This is a very popular way of eco dying – the process is very simple and efficient. This requires fresh plants, a piece of white fabric, vinegar, bucket, double steamer/boiler, twine, scissors, and a copper/metal pipe or tin can. Similar instructions to the leaf pounding, but rolling it onto the pipe and soaking it instead.

The process is more lengthy, but you can read it from beginning to end here. A few more to check out: Sapuhusid on Blogspot | Eugene Textile Center Blog

S O L A R / J A R  D Y I N G

PHOTO by Miles of Light Prints

Talk about ‘no effort’, seriously.

  1. Find a jar and fill it halfway with water.
  2. Locate white cloth and fresh plants.
  3. Lay plants onto cloth in design of choice.
  4. Fold cloth in half.
  5. Tie with twine and submerge in jar.
  6. Place in the sunlight for x amount of time.

You can view another example here, or go to Pinterest and search for ‘solar dying’.

And just like that, you know 4 different ways to simply dye fabric naturally and organically! Now, we will be moving on to a new topic on the blog: Instagram Favs.

Two weeks ago, I started an Instagram for this blog; if you haven’t already, go follow us @escapetovavau. Overall, my experience thus far has been nothing short of fantastic! So far, we have 190 followers and have won one giveaway (thanks, Kavafied, for the kava shaker!) – let’s just say that I have Instagram Giveaway fever now!

In honor of our renewed love for Instagram, as well as praising the many other talented bloggers and brands there are out there, we would like to feature 5 Instagram accounts on the blog each week. This week will feature my personal favorites, but we may experiment with feature and loops giveaways in the near future. Let’s get to it!

T O P  5  I N S T A G R A M  F A V S

@ T H E M O O N T R E E


About @themoontree on Instagram:

“The Moontree

Eugene, OR sustainable | organic | cruelty-free 🌲🌱🌳🌲🌱🌳 10% fights against human trafficking share: #shopthemoontree

This is hands down my favorite soap brand on Instagram (sorry, everyone else). Expect a full review and a few Instagram posts once I receive my products!

@ L E A F A N D S T O N E C R E A T I O N S


About @leafandstonecreations on Instagram:

Concrete Decor

➕Handcrafted concrete decor and planters ➕Perth, WA ➕ ➕WEBSITE COMING SOON ✌🏼️☀️😊

I have chatted with the owner, and she is a lovely person! I am excited to buy some of her creations for our Vava’u house – check her out.

@ M O O N A N D Q U A R T Z


About @moonandquartz on Instagram:



I love the messages posted with each image; they are always encouraging and challenging. It’s nice to have this come into my news feed and I look forward to new posts.

@ B U D S U D S


About @budsuds on Instagram:


2✖️HighTimes BestTopical 🏆🏆Skin Therapist 💆THE ORIGINAL Handcrafted 🍯Hemp, CBD and Canna Skin Care Products :East Coast 💪Mass🔥🚿🛀

I have yet to try this, but I have seen countless happy customers! Props for this person, using cannabis as a healing component to bring unity –

@ M U D I T H . T R I B E


About @mudith.tribe on Instagram: 

Vyana Marie

Spirit School : Ritual Shop : Energy Healing Teaching: 1+ YR Reiki Medicine Path Program sf | ca monthly gift👇🏽

I LOVE her products for sale, and her page is absolutely stunning! Currently, she is hosting a giveaway with some other amazing brands on Instagram. See original post for details on how to enter – our fingers are crossed!

I will be supporting her and her spiritual journey for the foreseeable future. She definitely inspires me to dive deeper into reiki and healing, that’s for sure. Thanks for the inspiration, girl!

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

Today, we discussed four different methods of eco dying. This is another step towards sustainability, and together we can make a change! We also took time to give recognition to five Instagram rock stars; we love you all, keep doing you and spread good vibes. Each week, we will take time to mention and promote five Instagram users. If you know someone who would like to be featured, comment and link them below! Follow us on Instagram, and stick around for more loveliness to come –


☽ ☼ ☾


Disclaimer: This post contains (0) affiliate links – we think it’s cool that in exchange for promoting brands (ONLY that we truly like and support), we can make a percentage from any purchased made by Escape to Vava’u readers. It is our motto to stay true to ourselves and what we love; in turn, we promote sparingly in effort to offer our readers products that we are genuinely obsessed with. Never will we only post for profit or promotional purposes.

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  1. This is amazing! I’m so into this! As a holistic lifestyle blogger I’m always looking to ideas and solutions for more sustainable, earth friendly alternatives to our modern life style choices. Bravo!

    Such nice pictures, too!

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