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Good evening, everyone! This past week has been full of unexpected events, conflict, and negativity – this full moon couldn’t have come soon enough. Without going into too much detail, a close friend of mine had been dealing with domestic abuse.

Any abuse, such as emotional, verbal, or physical, is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by another, and do not cope with a negative situation to bring a false sense of peace. Take action! Cleanse yourself of all negativity and start fresh – after all, that’s what the full moon is all about!

The February full moon is referred to as the snow moon, the cold moon, and the hunger moon. This represents the end of the cold months, and the start of a new season. This is an excellent time to focus on goals that involve personal growth, and to let go of anything holding you back.

For a simple way to harness your energy during a full moon, read this article via Mind Body Green. The five steps discussed will help you become calmer and more balanced during this time.

WARNING: the following subjects are controversial and taboo in some instances. If you believe that tarot, astrology, and/or witchcraft are evil/harmful/negative practices, I’d suggest skipping down to Instagram Favs.

Today, we are going to discuss various ways to celebrate the full moon, as well as ways to utilize the full moon’s energy through various techniques. Feel free to share your full moon celebrations/techniques down below! Let’s get started:

M I L K  B A T H

fuckyeahpaganism:FULL MOON MILK BATH RITUAL FOR RECHARGING YOUR ENERGY4 cups raw almond milk¼ cup Himalayan salt1 cup rose petals5 drops lavender oil5 drops rose oilRun hot water in the bath. Add the salt crystals while the bath is filling, allowing to dissolve before you get in. Then add the almond milk, rose petals and essential oil. Light your favorite candles, turn on a good playlist and spend the time meditating on what you hope to manifest from the full moon energy.[x]
PHOTO by Recreational Withcraft on Tumblr
Who doesn’t enjoy a nice bath? A good way to unwind and celebrate the full moon is to recharge your energy with this full moon milk bath (link in photo caption). Here are the instructions:

4 cups raw almond milk
¼ cup Himalayan salt
1 cup rose petals
5 drops lavender oil
5 drops rose oil

Run hot water in the bath. Add the salt crystals while the bath is filling, allowing to dissolve before you get in. Then add the almond milk, rose petals and essential oil. Light your favorite candles, turn on a good playlist, and spend the time meditating on what you hope to manifest from the full moon energy.



PHOTO by Mind Body Green

If you do yoga, you are probably aware of the seemingly endless benefits that it provides. It is a powerful technique used to further harness the energy provided by the full moon.

“If possible, practicing Moon Salutations outdoors during a full moon is a very powerful practice, as lunar energy can be absorbed for healing, empowerment and intuitive energy. The moon is cooling and luminous and these Salutations are meant to celebrate and promote all the magical gifts that the moon has to give.” – Eternity Yoga

I find that not only does yoga help me with my physical heath, but it also really relaxes my mind and allows me to focus. This mental building allows for me to open my mind and acknowledge other views of life. Whether you believe in yoga as a spiritual journey or simply use it as a physical workout, a full moon session will be a clarifying and relaxing experience for everyone who tries it.

You can find a few more full moon salutations via Yoga Journal and All Good Things. For a simple text flow example, read this.


PHOTO by Mystic Mamma

My astrology knowledge is limited; to be honest, I have a hard time remembering each sign and their basic traits. I am interested in learning more about this subject, but have yet to dive in. I found a nice explanation of the full moon from an astrological viewpoint – what you believe is yours to decide, but observing everything from an open mind is a beneficial practice of mindfulness. Follow Shawna McGrath on YouTube!

Horoscopes are a fun way to find guidance or a simple solution to a problem. Everyone is guilty of reading theirs at least once or twice, and who knows, maybe there is some sense to it. In the near future, I will research this further and make a post of my opinion on the topic. If you believe in horoscopes or find enjoyment in them, check out your full moon horoscope for this week at The Cut.

Mine is as follows:

Scorpio – Although you trust your own power and mental reserves most, you can’t always rely solely on those. Your crew, whether they’re co-workers or your best buds, can be there for you, if you let them. You don’t have to grapple with a tough problem alone. You just have to get the ball rolling and make sure things don’t go haywire along the way. But don’t forget to add your own energy to the mix – any slacking off on your part won’t be appreciated. Create, collaborate, and coordinate, then repeat.


PHOTO by The Spirit Science

Meditation is such a beautiful practice, and I can personally say that it has changed the way I handle situations and view consciousness. This is a great way to focus on the things coming to an end in your life, and a simple way to absorb the moon’s energy.

For a quick guided meditation for today’s full moon, watch this video by Monica Kenton or this video by Scott Wolfram.

“For those who do resonate with the energy of the moon, participating in a full moon meditation is one of the best ways to draw upon its magic. Not only is there great healing power in meditation shared with people from all around the world who have joined together to honor this magnificent light source, but by participating in the moon’s cycles of creation (new moon) and completion (full moon), you begin to create a more harmonious life for yourself, others and the planet. The full moon is a great time to release the things in your life that have been negatively impacting you as well as acknowledge what you have achieved and are grateful for since the previous full moon. Meditating during the full moon provides an opportunity to connect deeply with our inner wisdom and with nature.” – Health Central

For a list of meditation benefits, read this by http://www.pranaworld.net.


PHOTO via Star Child Tarot

Tarot is still relatively taboo practice, and is views by many as evil. This misconception is extremely misleading, but the practice has experienced a spike in popularity over the last five years.

In the words of the Hermetic Golden Dawn, “The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.” These cards aren’t meant to show you the future or show your fortune!

For a great read using the deck features above, read this. To view a tarot reading for this full moon, click here.


PHOTO via Ashley Neese

Crystal practices have been receiving a lot of hate recently, especially by significantly left-brained folk. The science isn’t there to back it up, but the same can be said about many popular/socially-acceptable practices.

Personally, I have seen good points from both sides and try to remain relatively open about the subject. Crystals are used in my everyday life as organic jewelry, tools of relaxation, and decor – however you use them is up to you, but do not use them as an alternative medical treatment for a serious and/or life-threatening ailment.

From what I have discovered through research and personal trials, crystal use can induce relaxation and is therapeutic for stress management. Form a simple crystal grid or place a piece onto your forehead/chest/etc. during yoga, a bath, or meditation.

If you are interested in using crystals during a full moon, read this article by OM Times.

My favorite herbalist + crystal therapy blog: Aquarian Soul Design.

So, there you have it! A few different techniques to help you utilize the full moon to the fullest – now, it is time for our weekly Instagram Favs! Every week, I like to feature five of my favorite Instagram accounts for the week. I really enjoy giving back to brands that I feel are really making a difference within our shared niches. If you know of a brand/blogger that would fit in great with this blog and our general objective, comment below!




Instagram Favs

@ H A P P Y T O K E S


About @happytokes on Instagram:

“Happy Tokes

Under the influence. Over the stereotype. Detroit ☮ MI, Medical Marijuana Overcoming CVS with a smile. 😊Create happy InstaBlog 📖 Read!happytokestribe.bigcartel.com

I love this Instagram account – the owner is extremely down to earth, and she is all about that peace and love! With near 50,000 followers (WOW), I would consider her an influential voice in the marijuana industry! She runs a second Instagram @happytokestribe specifically to spotlight her fans and their positive shout outs. Just use #happytokes, #happytokestrip, and #hapymail to be featured! I have recently been chosen to receive some Happy Mail, and I am beyond ecstatic! A special thanks post will be made once the package arrives –

@ T H E C U R I O U S B U T T O N

the curious

About @thecuriousbutton on Instagram:

“The Curious Button

• An ethically-conscious lifestyle blog • • 🌸🌿💗 •thecuriousbutton.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/5-good-reasons-shopping-ethically-will-save-you-money/

I originally discovered this lovely lady in a Facebook blogging group that we are both members of. Her blog stood out to me and I couldn’t wait to feature it this week! Not only does she use the best theme on WordPress, but she also dedicates her blog to spreading awareness about unethical fashion. Her blog is now my go-to spot for all things ethical-fashion – so excited to see her made a huge difference!

@ T H E B L I S S F U L B A L A N C E

The Blissful Balance


About @theblissfulbalance on Instagram:

“christina🍴 i like to eat & run & write 💻 contributor @trivago 🦄 co-founder of@bgbcommunity 💌 christina@theblissfulbalance.com 👇 latest blog post theblissfulbalance.com/blogging/introducing-bgbcommunity-website/

Christina owns and operates a blog focusing on living a balanced life in moderation – I am obsessed with her blog and really enjoy reading her “anecdotes of adventure” and original recipes. Best post? Four Ways to Enjoy Bruschetta! I cannot thank you enough, girl. Bruschetta for life –

@ T H E C L E A N E A T I N G C O U P L E



About @thecleaneatingcouple on Instagram:

“The Clean Eating Couple

recipes & workouts from a healthy couple 👫 heavy weights + yummy food + essential oils=❤️ 💌thecleaneatingcouple@gmail.com Smoky BBQ Beet Hummus👇🏼 bit.ly/BBQBeetHummus

You had me at beet hummus! Elizabeth and Tyler are the perfect motivators when wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I love that they also talk about hemp, organic skincare, essential oils, and more of our mutual interests. Collaborating with them in the future would be fantastic, and I can’t wait to see future posts from them.

@ S A M W A L K E R P H O T O S

sam walker photos

About @samwalkerphotos on Instagram:

“Sam Walker

Journalist, photographer, travel blogger, traveller, storyteller. Left the daily grind behind to search for more … and less. www.journoandthejoker.com

Sam and Steve are two expats living in Cambodia – and they run a fantastic blog documenting their adventures. I am a huge fan of their theme/layout, and I love that they both have their own pages within the joint blog. Moving to a third world country and living the simple life has never looked easier!

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

The February Full Moon is here today! Our various techniques discussed above are ways to harness the moon’s energy – following this is our weekly Instagram Favs. Thank you for reading, and check back with us in a few days for a new post!

E N D        ∇




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