Simple 3-Step Beet Sugar Scrub + Instagram Favs

PHOTO via Photype // EDIT by Escape to Vava’u

Good morning, beauties! Sugar scrubs were the first Pinterest DIY projects that went well for me, back when the pin-buzz first hit. Here we are in 2016, and it is still a vital part of my (and many others’) skin care routines. 

S U G A R  S C R U B  B A S I C S

The ingredients are very simple and versatile:

  • White sugar 
  • Oil (olive, jojoba, coconut, etc.)
  • Key flavor (fruit, herb, flower, powder, aromatherapy oils, veggies, etc.)

Most of you reading this have all three of these ingredients in your kitchen – this proves how easy this small project really is! If not, white sugar is usually sold for less than $2, oil around $2-6, and you can be very frugal/scroungy about the flavorings.

Example: rose salt baths are currently being made by yours truly, and the flower petals are reused from a wilting Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Here’s a helpful hint – keep a 75% sugar to 25% oil/liquid ratio. Beware when adding purees; add any liquid slowly and stir, adding small amounts of liquid/sugar as needed until reaching the desired consistency.

D I Y  B E E T  S U G A R  S C R U B

PHOTO via Photype

This Beet Sugar Scrub is extremely simple – to make it more interesting, I added green tea, kiwi puree, hemp seeds, and lemon zest! Just follow the three easy steps:

  1. Use 1 cup of sugar. Pour into medium sized bowl.
  2. Add oil, 2 tablespoons at a time. Stir.
  3. Finish mixing by adding flavor component (in this case, beet puree). Stir until desired consistency.

From start to finish, including prep time, you are probably looking at 10 minutes tops. Again, I cannot stress this enough: get creative with the flavor combinations!

Nothing coming to mind yet? No worries, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Inspired? Get out there and make some crafty scrubs! After you’ve finished, be sure to comment below your experiences – we’re on social media if you have photos to tag us in as well! Wink, wink (@escapetovavau).

Time for the weekly Instagram Favs!

We love doing this each week – it allows us to shift the spotlight onto 5 Instagram users who we feel deserve it! The community on Instagram is amazing, and praising/supporting each other is only going to build that further –

Instagram Favs



About @brixiedust on Instagram:

brit ☾ 22 trips around the ⊙ alchemist at crystal cactus 🗡🔮🕯☕️🌙🐚🌵⛈🍍🦄🍾 san francisco ➵ philadelphia

With one look at Brit’s Instagram account, we know that she is a #girlboss. For starters, she is an alchemist for Crystal Cactus (hello, dream job?), only the most beautiful shop on the web for magical souls. Take a closer look, and you’ll see that she is the mommy of a gorgeous black kitten named Onyx (he has his own Instagram account that you can follow here).

Crystals, beautiful baths, and home decor – OH MY (cliche, 1)! We would love to get to know Brit more and are excited to see what her future has in store.

X O D O  B O T A N I C A L S

xodo header.jpg

About @xodonola on Instagram:

XODO BOTANICALS All natural skincare products, perfumes, and candles handmade in New Orleans 🌿🌸🌵

“We use local, seasonal, and sustainably sourced ingredients including Louisiana sugar, Avery Island salt, and flower petals we collect from around the city. We believe in the purity and perfection of simple, high quality ingredients. All of the scents and packaging of our products are inspired by the lush, vibrant, and unexpected landscape of New Orleans and the Deep South” About –

Three words: packaging, minimal, natural! This brand is a wonderful botanical shop ran out of New Orleans that was born in 2014 by two friends. Natural and local products are essential to this brand, and this is something that we at Escape to Vava’u truly respect.

They have everything! Beard oil? Got it! Facial toner? Of course! Body scrub? Absolutely! We’ve been eyeing the Cedar + Cannabis soy candle…

Visit them online today!

N A T U R A L  B E A U T Y  C O R N E R


About @naturalbcorner on Instagram:

Natural Beauty Corner Manika Boora • A Path To Cleaner Beauty & Wellness • NYC | Digital Strategist | Designer | Holistic Being

Philosophy: Natural Beauty Corner addresses the needs of people who want to transition to a cleaner beauty and wellness routine. As the world is changing more people are understanding that harmful chemicals are not being regulated by the FDA, giving many companies an open door to make products that contain harmful ingredients. Knowledge is power so lets use it.” –

Wow! This blog has truly blown me away – literally EVERYTHING you need to know about natural beauty, go here.

We stand by this brand in the fight for chemical-free, natural beauty products. No longer can we trust the FDA to make positive health decisions, nor can we continue to blindly use harmful products.

See something you like? You can buy it directly from her blog, on the Corner Shop (so cool!).

From one blogger to another: you’re doing it right and a half, girl! The theme of your blog is flawless, and the overall aesthetic has me weak. Keep doing your thing, and maybe a collaboration could happen (in our wildest dreams).

A Q U A R I A N  S O U L

aquarian soul

About @aquariansouldesigns on Instagram:

Ally Sands The Original Gemstone Infused Apothecary Handmade in California

Talk about a dream of an online apothecary! This plethora of products makes every green beauty lover drool –

Aquarian Soul began in 2013; Ally (the owner/operator) combined her knowledge in gemstone benefits and herbal medicine to create the store as it is today. Small batch made? But, of course!

Ally is currently a member of the United Plant Savers Organization and the California Native Plant Society, and we deeply admire her for her efforts in protecting the Earth.

We look forward to working with this brand in the future – visit her shop today!

T I N Y  Y E L L O W  B U N G A L O W

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

About @tinyyellowbungalow on Instagram:

* ONLINE ECO SHOP & BLOG * sustainability * zero waste * plant based * athens, ga *

“The intentions for the blog were basically to learn to do good things for the earth and personal health, and we believe that this new earth friendly shop will do the same but on a grander scale. We are constantly polluting our bodies and planet with toxins. Our mission in creating this shop is to provide a simple one stop locale to purchase natural products. We’ve done the work of reading labels and reviews and found the best authentically healthful products on the market and amassed them in one place for your convenience.” About –

You said it! What began as a sustainability blog has now turned into a wonderful eco-shop – need an alternative to plastic toothbrushes? They have bamboo four packs for only $16!

This is a shop that I will be purchasing many goods for the move to Tonga, and will join with them to further promote sustainability and clean living!

K A L I  B O X E S


About @kaliboxes on Instagram:

Kali A 100% Certified Organic and Socially Conscious Tampon Subscription Box. Sign up today, use code “ilovekali” for $5 off your first box!

“Kali was founded out of a desire to raise awareness, or at the very least, raise the conversation of what woman are putting in their bodies and how it is affecting them. On a larger scale, how does using a non-biodegradable feminine hygiene product affect the environment?” About –

As you may know already, anyone who is mindful of the environment automatically has our vote! But here’s a new one for you: organic cotton tampons.

Say hello to a monthly subscription box specifically for your monthly ‘gift’ as a woman – this includes tampons that are completely chemical & dye free, a glass bottle of mist, organic wipes, and a virgin coconut scrub.

Talk about a gift that gives back! This is exactly the box that all women need to make the time of the month a little less…horrific? The subscription box is $25 per month, with free shipping! Compare that to your monthly period costs – start your subscription here.

Still hesitant? Try a sample back of 2 super tampons, 2 regular tampons, and wipes for only $6 (you pay for shipping only).

We hope to collaborate with Kali in the near future to bring organic tampons to YOU!

I N  C O N C L U S I O N

After reading this, you for sure have sugar scrubs nailed. Show us your creations – tag us online @escapetovavau! Also a quick spoiler for those of you who have made it to the end of this: we will be hosting our first giveaway on Instagram later this week, so stay tuned! We hope you enjoyed this week’s Instagram Favs, and encourage you to follow each of them!

E N D        ∇

Disclaimer: This post contains (1) affiliate link – we think it’s cool that in exchange for promoting brands (ONLY that we truly like and support), we can make a percentage from any purchased made by Escape to Vava’u readers. It is our motto to stay true to ourselves and what we love; in turn, we promote sparingly in effort to offer our readers products that we are obsessed with. Never will we only post for profit or promotional purposes.





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