7 Best Tarot Decks for Modern Mystics + A Special Annoucement

best tarot

Good evening, everyone! We have not one, but TWO special announcements to share with you tonight! But before we do that, we will be going over our top seven tarot decks available to buy now.

These may be decks that we have tried, decks that are currently being reviewed, or currently on our wishlist –


Growing up, I was always told that things like ouija boards, crystal healing, Harry Potter, and tarot cards were considered satanic/devil worship.

Now, I am not condemning those who believe this, but rather suggesting to consider opening your mind a tad bit. Tarot does not tell the future, nor does it conjure any negative vibes.

“The Tarot is simply a guide to help you see:

  • Where are you right now?
  • Where might you be heading?
  • And what actions can you take to bring you closer to your goal?” – Biddy Tarot

A simple Google search will provide you will all of the tools necessary to truly find out yourself if tarot is for you. Still undecided? We suggest following a few insta-readers online and commenting your questions! Typically, the reader will answer and try to help you in your quest for knowledge.

I’m not staying that you should get out and buy a deck tonight, but doing a little bit of research will go a long way.

Disclaimer: Keep an open mind.

If you are new to tarot, read this lovely article via Free People Blog!



T H E  S T A R C H I L D  D E C K

PHOTO // The Hood Witch

Behold, one of the most beautiful decks available today. A special shout out to the creator, Danielle Noel: thank you for sharing your special gift! We are so in love with the imagery in this deck, as well as the beautiful images of REAL women (including The Hood Witch, who did an interview with Danielle here). The perfect deck for exploring your inner Starseed!

T H E  W O O D E N  D E C K

PHOTO // Benebellwen.com

The title gives it away: a wooden tarot deck! The illustrations are pretty neutral and minimal, which is something I deeply admire. This deck was created by A. L. Swartz of Skullgarden on Etsy – it is said to be the ultimate deck for animal lovers! Check it out here. It’s currently on sale for $35! There’s also an oracle deck (Spiritual Sequel) available that is only $20!

T H E  W I L D  U N K N O W N  D E C K

PHOTO //Covet + Lou

This is THE essential deck of the 21st century! It seems as if every tarot reader and mystic alike have at least shared a picture of this deck on social media once or twice. This is a bit pricier, coming in at $40 – definitely worth it when you hear that Kim Krans created this deck on the belief that all living beings have beauty and harbour unique traits. You can buy this here.

T H E  F O U N T A I N  T A R O T

The story behind the deck is AMAZING! It was created by three wonderful people (Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Sniz, & Andi Todnro), and also incorporates real life models. Hint, the inspiration for this deck came in Mexico! We simply love the light, geometric feel to the cards, and can’t wait to try out this deck – read more about the deck and purchase here.

T H E  S O R C E R E R S  D E C K

Tarocchi dei Maghi

Cats! Cats on a tarot card! Need I say a word more? This is a modern approach to a classic tarot design, and we are loving it! You can view/buy this deck here and here. The artist of this deck is the same artist who created the Art Nouveau deck – Antonella Castelli. The rest of the cards are equally as awesome, take a look now!

M O O N  A N G E L  C A R D S



Moon Angel Cards.jpg
PHOTO // Under Aurora

I discovered this deck via @ritualtarot (like most) last week, and have been obsessed with it since! I love this simplistic-pastel approach to tarot, created by Rebekah Erev – you can find this deck here for $40. Featuring 29 square-shaped cards, this deck rises to the top of our wish list!

T H E  M O T H E R P E A C E  R O U N D  D E C K


PHOTO // Zup

Round tarot cards? You heard it right! These are a beautiful addition to any mystic’s tarot collection – according to Mother Peace, “The 78 cards in this round tarot deck are powerful, evocative images, using 30,000 years of symbols celebrating Goddess cultures throughout the world.” Bonus: you can buy these now on Amazon for only $20!

And there you have it: 7 of the best tarot decks available today! Oh, by the way, there is a Lisa Frank deck out now, and it is 100% printable (jaw drop). Don’t believe us? Check it out here.



S P E C I A L  A N N O U N C E M E N T S

  1. WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY SELLING ON ETSY! Check out our store here. We will be adding new items every day this week – keep updated for discounts, special Instagram offers, and more!
  2. We are partnering with @gry808 to create a one-of-a-kind tarot deck! Little details will be disclosed now, but let’s just say that it is an all black and white deck with hand-drawn illustrations, inspired by Atlantis and mystics themselves. We predict to have the designs off to the printers by the Summer, and available to you soon after! More sneak peaks coming soon –
  3. More interviews, giveaways, and collaborations are coming to the blog this weekend – stay tuned for more green skincare awesomeness and island dreaming!
  4. It is almost time for our big blog update, where we will be completely redesigning the site to make it more modern and user-friendly! Thanks to Blogzilla Studio, we will be sporting a new, bad ass theme and will be able to truly max out on our blogging potential –

And now…time to announce the Giveaway winner! The prize: a 4 ounce jar of Rose Honey Almond Bath Salts, handmade by yours truly! Go to our Instagram now to find out the winner –

We wish you a good night, and a good transition into Spring. Until next time,









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